The DMRH Group was the company selected by LORE and Consulting Tools to represent them in Brazil. More than an important recognition and achievement, these partnerships represent the possibility to offer clients a broader range of tools and services.

With this agreement, the DMRH Group is effectively aligned with the most modern international techniques and career management
concepts, providing its clients with greater efficiency in the improvement of leadership, development of teams and managers and
amassing of knowledge on the potential of its human capital.


Other partnerships:

Catraca Livre – Is a guide to São Paulo city. A cultural agenda with the best free events in the city; it is also a gaze over talents, people and inventions, all of which creating new paths to the metropolis. Catraca Livre is the city, the art, the culture, the education and all it’s characters. It is a passionate journalism: curious to discover the city and dedicated into presenting its findings.


Crédito PraValer – PRAVALER is the largest private University Credit Program in the country, managed by Ideal Invest since 2006. With it, you won´t need to go through all the difficulties related to university payments, because the monthly fees are parcelled, giving you extra time to pay back before it accumulates with new re-contract fees.